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Klinik Kulit Dermakosmetik & Surgeri is a clinic that is located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur with just a stone’s throw away from Sheraton Hotel and Maju Junction. As a top skin specialist in KL, our clinic has a style of its own where space and harmony blend exquisitely with elegance, completed by a group of staff that pay attention to details and offer excellent services.

We provide various types of products as well as services to fulfil our customers’ treatment needs and care. Our products include creams for pigmentation, acne, day and night creams, hair treatment products, collagen for acne scars, anti-oxidant serum, whitening serum, sunblock, moisturiser etc. Our services range from hair regrowth, acne treatment, AHA peeling, skin tightening, healthy aging, weight management, dermal filler for volume and contouring, Botox, hair removal treatment and many more for our clients in Malaysia. A top skin specialist like ours has quality assurance on the products and services, hence patients can have peace of mind whenever they use medications and services provided by Klinik Kulit Dermakosmetik & Surgeri in KL.

One of the uniqueness of our clinic is we have prepared a very relaxing environment for our customers in order that they can escape from this fast-paced and stressful city, a perfect getaway where all your worries are forgotten, and you can relax as never before, right here at our clinic.

In our centre, we constantly keep up with the latest clinical aesthetics. We cater for all kinds of budget and different age groups.

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