Ultra Lift (Thread Lift)

Ultra Lift (Thread Lift)

Thread Lift Treatment Malaysia

Thread lift treatment is a safe lifting procedure where ultra-fine threads polydioaxanone (PDO) are inserted under the skin to produce a tightening effect and skin rejuvenation. This non-invasive treatment is combined with parallel vector technique as threads are inserted into targeted areas under the skin to stimulate collagen synthesis.

This thread lift treatment is popular overseas as well as in Malaysia. Due to the fact that it’s a non-surgical treatment, many of our patients are willing and unafraid to undergo the ultra lift in Malaysia.

Once the threads are inserted under the skin, it will instantly lift and tighten saggy areas, reducing signs of wrinkles. When sagging skin is tightened, it creates a more sculptured V-shaped face as well as smooth silky skin. The PDO threads that remain will stimulate the skin to produce collagen, improving skin elasticity and skin texture. Within 6 months, the threads will completely dissolve through hydrolysis. The lifting effect will last for another few months or even up to a year.

At Klinik Kulit Dermakosmetik & Surgeri, we provide safe and effective thread lift treatments in Malaysia for anybody who wants a lifted complexion and younger-looking skin.


  • Collagen Synthesis Increases
  • Skin Rejuvenation & Tightening
  • Improve Skin Structure and Skin Tone
  • V Shape Silhouette & Sharper Features
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